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Badass NHL Ref Reminds Everyone Who Daddy Is, Screams ‘F*ck You! Fuck You!’ During Middle Of Game


I’ve been watching more hockey than ever because the NBA is an absolute sham this year. Absolute trash. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an NBA season that’s been such a foregone conclusion (Warriors in six) from the second the season started. Hence, I’ve been tuning into more puck (I think that’s what the kids call it) recently. Although my Devils suck and have sucked for like five years, hockey is still a relentlessly entertaining sport.

And their badass referees are a big reason why. Frederic L’Ecuyer, who was called the Nashville Predators vs Columbus Blue Jackets game, had to remind everyone who’s daddy by dropping two massive F-bombs.

I think I like you, hockey. I think you and I are going to have a long, prosperous relationship… so long as I figure out how to gamble hockey and the Devils become good again.

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