Of Course The Rapper With The Face Tattoos Got Arrested For Giving Marijuana To A Cop

I get the feeling that if you Googled the phrase ‘waste of life’ on Google Images, Stitches’ picture would pop up. Just look at this guy and tell me the planet wouldn’t be better without him. Is that a little harsh, little extreme? Sure, but you know what? F*ck Stitches and f*ck you, too. I’m just being honest. I can live with face tattoos, for example, I love The Game, but once you get a weapon on your cheekbone, you cross into my ‘I don’t give a shit if you live or die’ category.

Via TMZ:

According to the police report, officers spotted the rapper’s Porsche pulling out of a Miami Whole Foods lot Wednesday night. Cops immediately recognized Stitches from previous arrests — he has a unique face — and asked if he had a gun. He said no.

However, he did immediately hand over a rolled up, slightly burnt joint … according to cops. When they searched the car, they found a Glock under his seat and 2 magazines of ammo. Cops say he apologized and said he thought they were asking if he had a gun ON him … not IN his car.

Cops say they also found a mason jar filled with 39.2 grams of weed and one oxycodone pill, no prescription. He was booked for felony gun and weed possession.

Hopefully, Stitches has piled up enough gun charges to finally be locked away forever. Just an overall disgrace to mankind.

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