Ximena Herrera: Hottest Photos On The Internet

Ximena Herrera is a well-known TV star in Mexico. She’s appeared in over a dozen television shows, and starred in popular soap operas and telenovelas. This prolific actress has spent over a decade in front of the camera. Now, I allow the audience of COED to take a glimpse at this sizzling star.

Herrera was born in La Paz, Bolivia. But her acting career flowered in the heart of Mexico. In 2004, she appeared in on television for the very first for the telenovela Corazones al límite (which means “Hearts to the limit” in English). From 2004-2016, there hasn’t been one year that went by without Herrera appearing or starring in at least one TV show.

In 2013, Ximena starred in her very first feature film: Siete Años de Matrimonio (Seven years of Marriage). That same year, she came out with her debut album Aló. “I did not make this record to make myself more famous or to give concerts, it was simply because of an artistic need.” Her album is only available for download. She has songs in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. Herrera is also a graduate from Boston University, where she majored in marketing.

Ximena is success on the TV screen. She is a very well sought-after actress and has shined onscreen for over a decade. She’s 37-years-old and she’s still as hot as ever!

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