Meet Rosee Divine, Drake's New Side Piece Who Also Kinda Looks Like A Dude

Drake was spotted with another side piece at a dimly lit restaurant in Amsterdam on Monday, and it just so happens that said side piece happens to be a porn star. I wonder how J. Lo feels about this one. According to The Daily Mail, the woman pictured with Drake is Rosee Divine, a porn star turned artist who goes by the name Sophie B.

via ‘ Sophie B’ Facebook:

Sophie B is a 24-year-old French artist, born and raised there. She studied international business as well as finance but always kept a foot in the art world being part of a vast family of artists. Since her younger years she has been traveling all around the world, discovering and experiencing the joys of various cultures. They influenced greatly her perception of life – and her art.

The last 2 years she’s been living between Paris, Bordeaux, NYC and London developing her art and experiencing some new techniques.
She likes to paint about what women of her generation go through. In a digital era where social media and communication reign, where love and money are often at conflict, where opportunity corrupts morals and intentions… it is not easy to be a woman!

No word on whether the two are dating, however, we feel comfortable enough to speculate that she’s merely a one-night stand. Because not only is this chick a former porn star, and not only is she NOWHERE close to as hot as Jennifer Lopez, but she also vaguely looks like a dude. I don’t know, maybe it’s me, but something about Rosee Divine strikes me as Adam’s apple-y.

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