Tomi Lahren Says She Almost Got Her Ass Kicked In Washington D.C.

After the inauguration, TMZ caught up with Tomi Lahren, who said she almost got her ass kicked on inauguration night. She goes on her usual rant but in what sounds like a surprised tone, which is just stupid on her part. People are upset and her face is synonymous with Donald Trump. Did she not think that of the tens of millions of views her Facebook videos get, at least half of those are by people who disagree with her?

Anyway, f*ck politics right now, my brain is on a totally different wavelength: We’ve got Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy, we’ve got McGregor vs. Mayweather, we MUST get Tomi Lahren into this fantasy land of fighting. While I’d easily spend┬ámy hard-earned COED money on a McGregor vs. Mayweather fight, I’d pay at least TRIPLE that to watch Tomi Lahren fight basically anyone. Who’s the liberal equivalent of Tomi Lahren? Does it matter? Tomi Lahren vs. Megyn Kelly? Lahren vs. Erin Andrews? Actually, no, I’ve got it. We’ll call it ‘The Battle of the Internet Phenoms Who Now Have Legit TV Shows” (patent pending): Tomi Lahren vs. Katie Nolan. Katie Nolan is the literal antithesis of Tomi Lahren. I’m assuming she’s super liberal, she’s brunette, she’s down to earth, and she’s from the North East. Fun fact: I have a massive crush on Katie Nolan and would bet the house on her even if Vegas had her as an underdog.

I will say this about Tomi Lahren: she still looks like a hard nine out of 10, even when she’s getting caught in the streets, which is huge. When it comes to TV, you can never be too sure of the legitimacy of someone’s good looks, so knowing that she’s actually hot in real life makes Tomi Lahren’s incessant yelling slightly more bearable.

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