Meet Bre Tiesi, Johnny Manziel’s Girifriend & Lifesaver

Ex-NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel seems to have begun the new year with a new outlook on life.

After tweeting about the way he was in 2016 and the way he wants to be seen in 2017, it seems as thought Johnny Football is back on the right track. While some may point to maturity or financial reasons for Manziel’s newly found straight and narrow, I’d argue that the reason for Manziel’s resurgence is simple: he’s got a new girlfriend.

Meet Bre Tiesi, one of the world’s many Instagram models and Johnny Manziel’s girlfriend. Despite the fact that he spent much of 2016 blowing lines and losing weight, Johnny Football proved that having game is like riding a bike, you never forget how, and came into 2017 with a new dime on his arm.

Whether or not Tiesi has anything to do with Manziel’s comeback has yet to be seen, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Nothing will get your priorities in line faster than a dime-piece girlfriend.

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