More Fans Bet On The Cleveland Browns To Win The Super Bowl Than The Falcons

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

After my first full season of sports betting, I can officially call myself a gambling guy. Despite the fact that I grew up in Jersey, I’ve never really gambled in Atlantic City because Atlantic City is hell incarnate. From my experiences, whenever you go to Atlantic City, you leave with less money and more regrets. Casino gambling was never my thing. Luckily, sports gambling waltzed its way into my life as a new vice. Oh, I’m also now an Oakland Raiders fan who went 12-4 against the spread last year.

Anyway, not everyone is as adept a gambler as your boy. Case in point? According to ESPN, sportsbook operator CG Technology took more bets on the Cleveland Browns to win the Super Bowl than it had on the Falcons (11-5 ATS). Yup, people had more faith in the CLEVELAND BROWNS (1-15 ATS) than what would end up being the 8th highest scoring offense in NFL history.


In the offseason, there was so little betting interest in the Atlanta Falcons that some Las Vegas sportsbooks lengthened their Super Bowl odds from 40-1 to 100-1 in an attempt to drum up some action.

When the NFL season kicked off in September, sportsbook operator CG Technology had taken more bets on the Cleveland Browns to win the Super Bowl than it had on the Falcons. Five months later, the sportsbooks are feeling good about their positions heading into Super Bowl LI.

The Falcons opened as 3-point underdogs against the New England Patriots (14-2 ATS) in the Super Bowl. Sportsbooks do well on their Super Bowl futures markets regardless of who wins, but an Atlanta victory would be the bigger boon.

“We took a $5,000 bet at 40-1 on the Falcons to win the Super Bowl,” CG Technology vice president Jason Simbal said. The ticket would net $200,000. “And we still win almost a million on the Falcons. That’s how few people bet them.”

Now, this all means two things. The first is that people really don’t know shit about football. All of those buddies of yours that talk like they could coach the game… Yeah, they don’t know shit.

The second and much more alarming angle to this story is that there are actual, real-life, adult people in the world who spend their hard earned money gambling on the Cleveland Browns. If you know one of those people, the National Gambling Helpline is 1-800-522-4700, and you can find the website here. Please get that person the help they so desperately need.

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