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WATCH: Aziz Ansari Conveys The Angst Caused By Uber Ratings In This True To Life ‘SNL’ Sketch


aziz ansari

Aziz Ansari was the host of the first ‘SNL’ of the Trump presidency last night, and he showed throughout the episode why he’s one of the most beloved young comedians of this era.

In one standout sketch, Aziz and his Russian driver played by Bobby Moynihan each tried to secure a 5-star Uber rating from the other. Both of them came in with lowly 3.9 ratings- or as Sean Spicer might say, 5-star ratings–  and steadfastly committed to doing whatever it’d take to increase their number. As you can imagine, a lot of outrageousness ensues along the way.

Without giving any spoilers, I’d highly suggest you watch this one all the way through.


A funny modern update on the memorable 1995 ‘Taxicab Confessions’ sketch.


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