WATCH: Two Members Of University Of Florida’s Bass Fishing Team Get Launched From Boat

I honestly didn’t even know that colleges had bass fishing teams, but after watching this scary video, I will never forget it. Earlier this week, University of Florida students Hunter Bland and Conner Young were out on the water, getting ready to catch a shit-ton of fish when disaster struck.

While traveling at roughly 57 miles per hour, their boat malfunctioned and they were violently launched into the water. Check out footage of the crazy incident below.

Holy moly, that was a nasty spill! I guess there’s no such thing as a non-contact sport after all. It looked like they were in a new, aquatic chapter of The Fast and the Furious franchise.

But on a serious note, that had to be absolutely terrifying. After watching the slow motion editing several times, I am downright shocked that Hunter and Conner were able to come away unscathed. Thank God for life jackets and kill switches.

[via Campus Sports]

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