Shout Out To Pixar For Finally Admitting That All Of Their Movies Take Place In The Same Universe

You know how everyone in Hollywood is in a mad sprint to create a movie universe? Ever since the success of Marvel Cinematic Universe, all of the major movie studios have begun to try to wrap all of their franchises into the same world. But you know who was doing it long before Marvel ever was? Pixar. That’s who.

People have been chirping about The Pixar Theory for years now. It’s said that all of the movies take place in the same universe at different times. That’s right, movies about monsters, fish in the ocean, toys, robots, cars, and everything else Pixar has created in the last two decades are all a part of the same universe. It’s some pretty woke shit.

Pixar never necessarily addressed whether this was the definitive truth or not, but given the intentional placement of certain easter eggs, it was also hard for them to deny.

Well, it looks like Pixar came into 2017 with a whole new attitude by essentially confirming that The Pixar Theory is true, which is a win for all of us because it makes these movies that much more epic.

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