Of Course Rutgers Is One Of The Fastest Growing ‘Sugar Baby’ Schools In The Country

Fun fact: I went to Rutgers for four years and a victory lap, and loved every second of it. Sure, New Brunswick’s crime is off the charts. And yeah, our sports teams suck. But let me tell you something about Rutgers: its girls rival any school in the country. Sure, it may not have the blonde haired and blue-eyed Arizona or Florida girls, but there ain’t nothing quite like a Jersey girl. After all, it ain’t called Slutgers for nothing. And that’s why this news that it’s one of the fastest growing ‘baby daddy’ universities in the country not so surprising.

According to Rutgers’ student newspaper The Tab, students across the country use the website Seeking Arrangement to get paid to go on dates. The site claims, “college students make up a large portion of Seeking Arrangement. These members share a very specific goal: graduating college debt-free.”

377 Rutgers students are registered on this site, making it the 46th most active “sugar baby” college in America.  NYU, the top school, currently has 1,282 students registered on the website, beating out second place Arizona State by 170 students.

Keep being you, Rutgers. I miss ya.

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