WWE SmackDown Results, Updates & Must-See Highlights – 01/17/17

The two top ladies of WWE SmackDown are looking to go to war inside a cage. On tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown Live, Alexa Bliss will put her WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship on the line inside an unforgiving steel cage. “The Irish Lass Kicker” Becky Lynch is looking to take back her championship. Who will walk away as champion this time? And what going to happen tonight with John Cena and WWE World Champion AJ Styles, as the rivals step in the same building less than two weeks away from the Royal Rumble? The same goes with Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose and challenger and “Hollywood A-Lister” The Miz. What will happen when chaos erupts on a Tuesday night? Welcome to SmackDown! Live:


WWE SmackDown Live Viewing Details

Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Time: 8:00 P.M. EST/ 5:00 P.M. PST
TV Channel: USA
Location: FedExForum, Memphis, Tennessee
Main Event: Steel Cage Match for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Becky Lynch

WWE SmackDown Live Results

Who will win and who will lose? Look below and you will know!

Main Event: Steel Cage Match for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship: Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Becky Lynch

Becky is dominant early on. Lynch is banging Bliss’ head from pillar to post (literally from turnbuckle to turnbuckle). But Bliss is no wimp and fight back hard. Both competitors try to escape the cage. But both superstars fall back to the ring as we go to commercial break.
Bliss is smashing Becky’s body into the steel when we come back from the break. Alexa is throwing leg drop after leg drop. Bliss is bouncing Becky off the cage. But Becky fights back and nails a huge flying leg drop from the top rope. Lynch climbs the cage and tries to escape, but Bliss is fast on her tail. Alexa pulls down Lynch, but Becky is way too tough and performs a “beck-sploder” onto Bliss.

Alexa fights back on the floor, hitting Lynch with clubbing forearms.  But Becky gains control and tries putting Alexa in a submission hold, but who’s that outsid the ring? It’s the nefarious La Luchadora! As Lynch has Bliss locked in the disarmher, La Luchadora enters the ring and hits Lynch with a devastating kick. Alexa capitalizes. Bliss takes out Becky with a snap DDT.

Alexa Bliss defeats Becky Lynch to retain the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship

Post-match beat-down: Bliss and La Luchadora are stomping out Becky Lynch. But Becky fires back and rips off the mask of La Luchadora. Former WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James is revealed as the masked attacker. James takes out Becky. And all is well in SmackDown’s women’s division once again!


Bray Wyatt’s Announcement

Bray announces that all of The Wyatt Family will enter the Royal Rumble match. Wyatt also announces that next week Luke Harper will battle Randy Orton. The winner will remain in the Wyatt Family. The loser will have to leave this creepy group. “One will stand, one will fall.”

King’s Court: Jerry “The King” Lawler interview Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler is silent halfway through the segment. Lawler thinks that Ziggler is going down the wrong path. Ziggler brings us back to September 2012, when Ziggler dished out multiple elbow drops on Lawler. Only minutes later, “The King” suffered a legit heart attack. Ziggler says if Jerry doesn’t stop what he’s doing then Dolph will finish the job. Lawler told him that no matter what Dolph does or how he changes, he’ll always be a loser. This comment really pissed off #HEEL Ziggler. Dolph super-kicked Lawler in the chest. As Ziggler was heading up the ramp, a defiant King stands up and calls out to Ziggler to continue the fight.


Dean Ambrose vs. Randy Orton

By his own admission, Ambrose is looking to “dissect” the viper in this match. Ambrose tried to end the match early with a roll-up, but to no avail. The Lunatic Fringe hits a crossbody and goes on the attack. This match was a very back-and-forth encounter. Towards the end, Orton was in control and looked primed for victory. But then Luke Harper gets on the top rope to distract Orton and the referee. Ambrose rolls up Orton. And that is all she wrote.

Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose defeats Randy Orton

Post-match: Orton and Harper brawl, and Bray breaks it up. The leader of the group tries to talk sense into both men. Bray slaps Harper. Bray looks like he’s about to slap Orton as well, but he doesn’t. The crowd chants for RKO.

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In-ring segment: Nikki Bella calls out Natalya

Nikki is in the ring and she’s pissed. Bella is calling out The Queen of Black Hearts. But Natalya doesn’t want to come down to the ring. She’s up on the big screen, and she wants to take the audience backstage with her. Natalya shows the camera all the merchandise for sale, Nikki’s merch right next to Cena’s (her boyfriend). She points out her “former” uncle Bret “Hitman” Hart t-shirts for sale. She says that both Bret and Nikki will die alone.
Natalya is going nuts! She starts grabbing a bunch of merchandise. Then out of nowhere: Nikki Bella! Bella attacks Natalya, and an all-out cat fight ensues.


AJ Styles vs. The Miz

The early part of the match was very mat-based. Headlocks made up much of the opening moments. Styles hit a back-breaker on The Miz, but that’s not enough to keep down the Hollywood A-Lister. Maryse distracts Styles, as The Miz sends AJ out of the ring via a devastating kick.
The Miz is clearly in control as we come back from commercial break. He even takes to the top rope (something we don’t see too often). But AJ Styles is way too aggressive and starts kicking the sh*t out of The Miz. Styles kicks The Miz outside the ring. AJ throws Miz into Cena. Cena throws Miz into the barricade. The referee calls for the bell.

The Miz defeats AJ Styles via disqualifcation

Post-match beat down: John Cena is pissed. He gives an Attitude Adjustment to both The Miz & AJ Styles.


Intro: In-ring segment with Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon announces that next month the WWE World Championship will be on the line in an elimination chamber match. AJ Styles music hits and he comes out to complain. The crowd really loves this guy. Shane & AJ have to stop talking for a minute to wait for the “AJ Styles” chants to end. Shane calls AJ “one of the best. You are what you say you are, you are Phenomenal. The only thing that’s not is your attitude.”
AJ threatens to leave WWE if Shane puts him into that elimination chamber. He says he’ll go back to Japan. And then…John Cena’s music hits. And Mr. Five Knuckle Shuffle himself rushes to the ring.

Cena tries to talk, but AJ immediately interrupts him. AJ talks trash. And then the ultimate trash talker The Miz’s music hits and he comes down to the ring with his lovely wife Maryse. Styles and Miz get into each others’ face. John Cena instigates a fight. And Shane signs a match between the two top heels next!


Up Next: WWE World Champion AJ Styles vs. The Miz

WWE SmackDown Live: Announced Matches

  1. Steel Cage Match for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Becky Lynch
  2. WWE World Champion AJ Styles vs. The Miz
  3. Randy Orton vs. Dean Ambrose

WWE SmackDown Live Preview

WWE is teasing a huge announcement to open up tonight’s show. We don’t know what this is all about. But apparently, Shane McMahon will make the announcement to kickoff WWE SmackDown Live. Here’s the statement released by WWE earlier today:

Shane to kick off SmackDown LIVE with a huge announcement
WWE.com has learned that Commissioner Shane McMahon will open SmackDown LIVE this week with some very big news. Under the leadership of Shane-O-Mac and General Manager Daniel Bryan, Team Blue has simply thrived. Although we are not sure what he has to say, the announcement will no doubt take SmackDown LIVE to the next level. Is it possible that the man in charge has something up his sleeve for the Royal Rumble? Which Superstar, or Superstars, will the big news concern? Tune in tonight at 8/7 C on USA Network to find out.

John Cena & AJ Styles are currently locked in a heated rivalry over the WWE World Championship. That match will go down at the Royal Rumble. But for now, Cena appears to be squatting his way to SmackDown:

Alexa Bliss Vs. Becky Lynch Photos: Must-See Pictures Of WWE Divas
Alexa Bliss Vs. Becky Lynch Photos: Must-See Pictures Of WWE Divas
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