WMU’s Victoria Niles Hopes To Move “Where Cold Winters Don’t Exist,” And TBH Same

It’s Monday, and while most people are off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, those of us here at COED braved the cold NYC temps to bring you fire content, so you’re welcome. Yet Miss COED 2017 semifinalist, Victoria Niles no doubt has worse winters than us, which is why the Western Michigan University student plans on moving somewhere tropical post grad. TBH, I’m packing my bags and coming with.

The senior is studying Interdisciplinary Health Services and Nursing with a minor in Gerontology (yes, I had to look up what that was too), and just recently began an internship with the Susan G. Komen Foundation. She hopes to travel and one day own her own nursing home facility. This awesome lady has a heart of gold, and we’re proud to have her as a contestant.

Get to know more about Victoria below, and be sure to check back daily as we get to know each of our semifinalists a bit better.

If you could travel anywhere in the world for Spring Break, where would you go?

If I could travel anywhere for Spring Break, I would chose Greece because it has always been a dream of mine to visit. The closest I ever been to Greece are the photographs I have seen of the beautiful architecture, waters and buildings that are there. My heritage has always inspired me to want to visit even more!

Name one thing on your bucket list.

Travel the world. Experience life in different countries.

Cliché, but where do you see yourself in five years? Ready, set, go!

In five years, I see myself working for a company or organization that I am extremely passionate about; striving to make a difference in people’s lives each day I go to work. I hope to live in a place where “cold winters” don’t exist and I don’t have to hibernate a couple months out of the year to stay warm. I want to live somewhere beautiful and tropical. I hope to live with the love of my life and potentially be an owner of an extremely cute puppy.

What’s your biggest accomplishment thus far?

My biggest accomplishment has been learning about who I am and who I want to be in life. I have faced challenges that have shaped me into a more compassionate and loving person. I have learned to grow and adapt to unchangeable situations, while also learning how to be the best person I can be along the way.

You landed an internship with Susan G. Komen. Congrats! What compelled you to submit an application with the organization?

I wanted to work for a non-profit organization that is worldwide. About 40,000 people die of breast cancer each year. These statistics are extremely high, and I am motivated to help reduce the death rate of people with breast cancer. I wanted to be able to help organize the events, raise money for the organization and get get to talk to the ones struggling from breast cancer on a personal level. I want to be a voice of hope and strength to help those who need help fighting for themselves. After doing research and reading the story behind Susan G. Komen, it touched my heart and I immediately made phone calls and submitted resumes.

Tell us a little bit about Susan G. Komen and what the organization does for breast cancer education, awareness, and research.

We identify the greatest needs and grant money to local organizations and medical facilities to meet those needs.  We help those who need screenings pay for them through donations for those who don’t have full coverage and are unable to afford them. Susan G. Komen offers educational opportunities before, during and after cancer. These fitness and educational opportunities are offered to a person who is coming out of treatment from cancer and they can learn new ways how to live their lives each day with these affects. There are different events that are held for people to want to come and donate and support others. 

What is the most rewarding part about your internship?

The most rewarding part about the internship with being able to help fight for those who need help fighting for themselves. I am driven to work as hard as I can, so that I can raise money and plan amazing events for ones with breast cancer and ones who have survived it. It is important to me to get people are aware of breast cancer and what they can do to prevent it.

Do you see yourself working in the heath care and/or non-profit field upon graduation?

I would absolutely love to work in health care for a non-profit field upon graduation. The world is so full of opportunities and I want to explore them all!

Find out how you can save those fighting against breast cancer by heading to the Susan G. Komen website.

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