Mia Khalifa Roasts Fan For Getting A Tattoo Of Her

Earlier today, ex-porn star Mia Khalifa came across a fan that had a tattoo of her on his leg. You would think that she would be flattered by this permanent gesture, but she was not pleased in the slightest. She proceeded to roast him on both Twitter and Instagram for his unique tat choice.


Goddamn Mia, tell us how you really feel! Now I do agree that the tattoo quality was atrocious. I honestly think Michael J. Fox could’ve done a more realistic portrait of Mia than this so-called tattoo artist.
But it still has to feel pretty shitty to shell out money and reserve body real estate for a tat of your favorite former adult actress, and then have her berate you on social media. He’s like a little kid bringing home some macaroni art to his parents, but instead of them putting it on the refrigerator, they rip it to shreds while cackling in his face. And you would think Mia wouldn’t be so ruthless on social media after Joel Embiid put her in a body bag last week.
I guess a leopard can’t change its spots, and Mia can’t stop throwing haymakers on social media. Everybody should still tread lightly around Mia on these internet streets.

[h/t Maxim]

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