WATCH: Los Angeles Chargers Logo And Tight End Get Booed Mercilessly At Lakers-Clippers Game

Screenshot via Twitter/ @ArashMarkazi)

(Screenshot via Twitter/ @ArashMarkazi)

In case there was any doubt that nobody in Los Angeles wanted the Chargers, the fans at last night’s Clippers-Lakers game at Staples Center united to express their resentment toward the move.

During a stop in the action, the Los Angeles Chargers logo was put on the jumbotron and was met with a resounding chorus of boos. Then Chargers tight end Jeff Cumberland was shown on the screen” and likewise got relentlessly booed- just for being a Charger-¬†in an awkward “celebrity cam” appearance.

This continued what has been a week-long debacle for the Chargers after they befuddled everybody by moving from San Diego, their home for 56 years, to a city that clearly isn’t clamoring for another mediocre NFL team.

The Chargers became a punchline when, upon announcing the move, they unveiled a new logo that was clearly a ripoff of the Dodgers logo. They then proceeded to change their logo twice more in the next 36 hours, seemingly as a result of the predictable backlash.

You have to wonder if this reaction is giving Chargers owner Dean Spanos- who was also in the building last night- some serious second thoughts. Unfortunately for him, deals of this magnitude usually come with “n0 backsies”.

On the bright side for Spanos, imagine how much louder the boos would have been if the Chargers had put the ripoff of the Dodgers logo on the big screen. But otherwise, the Chargers move to Los Angeles already has all the makings of a complete flop.


(h/t The Big Lead)

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