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WATCH: Sports Bar Pulls Off Insane Pool & Golf Trick Shot

Allstars Sports Bar Bristol's Facebook

Allstars Sports Bar Bristol’s Facebook

Allstars Sports Bar Bristol in Bristol, United Kingdom is known for their awesome trick shots and their latest video doesn’t disappoint. To celebrate the holidays, they performed an intricate trick shot that featured both pool and golf. Check out the mind-blowing wizardry in the video below.

That was amazing. I royally suck at golf, pool, and geometry, so I can’t even imagine how badly I would struggle trying to pull something like that off. I’d honestly have a better chance of getting an over the pants handy from the Queen than getting that golf ball to go in the hole.

Here’s a pool trick shot from Allstars Sports Bar Bristol for Christmas 2015.

And here’s a pool and soccer trick shot from a few months back.

Such genius marketing. These videos make me want to get my ass across the pond and enjoy a pint over there in the worst way.

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