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WATCH: Alexis Ren Rocks A Bikini In The Chainsmokers’ New Music Video

Alexis Ren's Instagram

Alexis Ren’s Instagram

Last night, The Chainsmokers dropped a music video for their new song “Paris.” My first impression was that this song sucks, but I’m sure it will grow on me, despite my best efforts to hate it. After hearing it 100 times on the radio, I’ll go from despising it to belting out every goddamn word. That’s how The Chainsmokers’ songs work. Those crafty bastards know how to make an infectious tune.

One thing that always delivers, though, is Alexis Ren in a bikini. It doesn’t take repeated viewings of this video to start appreciating what she’s bringing to the table. No sir. Watch Alexis make her presence felt right from jump street.

After my second listen, the song is still hot garbage and Alexis is still a total babe. If MTV wants to make a comeback and finally be about music once again, they should just demand that every music video features several butt shots of Alexis. Ratings would go through the f*cking roof.

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