Leo Watch: The King Has Got Himself A New Side Piece In Paige Watkins

I was watching this show Black-ish because it won some Golden Globes and had strummed up some positive buzz. Plus, I’m cultured and shit, all about expanding my horizons, so I tuned into their Trump episode this week. Anyway, long story short: This white woman had a line that went something like, “White women aren’t sisters, we hate each other.” I found that both pretty hilarious but I also found it to be really true.
Which brings me to my point. When it comes to bros, we’re bros, but we also don’t agree on a lot of shit. In fact, half the fun of having friends in telling them why they’re wrong and you’re right. But there are a couple things we do agree out uniformly: weed is tight, sports are cool, beer is good, and Leo is the f*cking man. That’s the Mount Rushmore of things bros agree on. So, every time we see the commander in chief land another slam, we all collective raise our glasses in celebration of The King.
There are times where I wish we could resurrect Einstein to develop a new theory of Leo’s game. It’s not only that he’s hooking up with the hottest women in the world, but the sheer variety is astounding. From Rihanna to Nina Agdal, Miranda Kerr to Blake Lively and an endless list of both A-listers and dime-a-dozen models, Leo’s game is something this species has never seen, and deserves to be studied by only the sharpest of minds.
Anyway, here’s the latest notch, Paige Watkins:










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