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12-Year-Olds Are Now Holding Each Other At Gunpoint Over McNuggets

via Shutterstock

via Shutterstock

Before this article goes anywhere, let’s get one thing clear: McDonald’s is the worst of the big three fast food burger joints by far. If someone asks you what the worst fast food restaurant is and you say anything other than McDonald’s, you are what’s wrong with this country, straight up. McDonald’s should be for two things and two things only: mothers shutting up their five-year-old children or drunk high school kids. If you’re anything other than a screaming child or a cross-eyed teenager, you have no business eating at Mickey Dee’s. Just Google ‘blue stuff in McNuggets’ or ‘McDonald’s Burger Lava’ and you’ll be as woke as I am.

Now that I’ve got that rant out of the way, we can talk about these 12-year-olds slinging heat over a 10-piece.

Via NY Post:

Even with a gun pointed at her head, a Harlem schoolgirl refused to hand over a McNugget to a hungry classmate bent on getting his hands on her grub, cops said. The tough-as-nails 13-year-old bought the 10-piece snack at a McDonald’s at Lexington Avenue and East 103rd street Tuesday ­evening, cops said.

Almost immediately, a classmate at Harlem Democracy Prep asked her for a McNugget — and she ­refused. But her 12-year-old tormentor wasn’t taking no for an answer, and followed her into the 6-train station at 103rd Street. He pulled a gun, pointed it at her head and once again demanded a McNugget.

That’s when she showed nerves of steel and smacked the gun away, sources said. She told the kid, whom she knew from school, to get lost and then she got on the train.The pint-sized criminal quickly boarded the same car and showed off the gun to another child. He did not approach her again.

So, there are two angles to take here. Let’s start with the gun-toting lunatic 12-year-old who will probably grow up in prison. Are you willing to f*cking shoot someone over one nugget? If you’re gonna pull out your piece, you have to walk away with all 10 nuggets. That’s like robbing a bank and only walking away with a couple of 20s. If you’re going to go, go for gold, especially when it comes to murder and robbery and stuff (that life lesson is on the house).

As for the little girl who has bigger balls than I do: A+ for effort and guts, but F- for logic. Balls will get you a long way in life, but you definitely use your brain more, and if your brain is telling you one nugget is worth getting shot, you’ll never even get to use those balls. Give up the nugget and move on.

“She’s brave to do that,” said a 14-year-old named Jaden, who lives in East Harlem. “If the gun is not on safety, you don’t know if he’ll pull the trigger by accident. It’s brave but not the wisest move to do.”

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