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College Basketball Picks: Odds, Spreads & Betting Tips For Week 10

College Basketball Picks Week 10

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It’s been a while since I’ve made some picks, mostly because the Bowl Season beat the living shit out of my bank account, but like a phoenix rising from the ashes, I’m back, bitches. The last time I made college basketball picks, I did not do so well, going 1-4, but fortunately for me, I still have a winning record. I’m done picking Friday night games because they’re all trash, so I’m going with the Saturday games, and boy, do we have a great slate on tap. After a month-long hiatus of soul searching and meditating, I’m back and ready to get back on track. Enough of this small talk, let’s get down to the winners.

Louisville -4 vs. Duke

Louisville vs. Duke

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I never feel great betting against Duke, but here I am doing it, and let me tell you why. As talented as I think the Blue Devils are, they’ve got a ton of controversy swirling around them right now, especially with all of the tripping, shoving, and whatever else super villain Grayson Allen is doing right now. And for the record, I LOVE Grayson Allen. Duke having a player that everyone hates is great for college basketball. Having said that, I like the Cards because they’re playing in front of their home crowd, and there’s a huge coaching mismatch with no Coach K for Duke going up against my man Rick Pitino.

Pitt -2.5 vs. Miami

Pitt vs. Miami

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I don’t just like the Panthers in this spot, I LOVE them. Both teams are on a two-game losing streak, but Pitt is 9-1 at home this year and is coming off of a hard-fought game against Louisville in which Jamel Artis dropped 43 points. Pitt also recently had a big win against #11 Virginia, and the Hurricanes haven’t beaten anyone of that caliber yet this season. So I’ll ride with Pitt here, which is not only a great pick, but it will also make my friends who went to Pitt happy too, a win for everyone.

Kentucky -23.5 vs. Auburn

Kentucky vs. Auburn

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I’m aware that the spread on this is pretty high, but that’s because Kentucky is that much better than Auburn, so I’m rolling with the Wildcats. Is it lame to bet on the heavy favorites? Yeah, I guess, but you know what else is lame? Trying to get fancy betting on a big time underdog only to lose all of your money. Screw that, give me that asshole John Calipari and his freshman that he pays more than most NBA players.

UNC -7.5 vs. Florida State

UNC vs. Florida State

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Call me crazy, but I’m not buying all of this Florida State hype. I know they’re coming off of a nice win against Duke, but I feel like Florida and Virginia Tech upset Duke every year. You know what else? Florida State is a football school first and foremost, and football schools aren’t suppose to have good basketball teams. Give me the Tar Heels at home, and get this whole “Florida State is a good basketball team” nonsense out of my face.

South Carolina -13.5 vs. Ole Miss – Lock of the Week

South Carolina vs. Ole Miss

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Am I making this my Lock of the Week because I went to South Carolina? Partially, but also because the Gamecocks basketball program has been on the rise over the past few years, and have even had a few stints in the Top 25. South Carolina is currently third in the SEC right now and has a 9-1 home record, while Ole Miss has a losing record on the road (1-2), given they’ve only had three road games. Regardless, I’ll take the Gamecocks as my Lock of the Week.

That’s right, I’m going with five home favorites this week. Does that make me a genius or a sucker? I don’t know, you tell me after I go 5-0 this week. I’ll see everyone here again next weekend with another list of winners. Damn, it feels good to be back.

Record on the season: 8-7
Locks of the Week: 2-1

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