Would You Believe Us If We Told You This Certified Dime Used To Weigh 270 Pounds?

Nothing like grabbing life by the balls and making it your bitch, am I right? Cause that’s exactly Mathilde Broberg did. Broberg, who used to weigh around 270 pounds, turned her life around after an embarrassing moment at an amusement park when she was almost turned away from riding due to her size. Weighing over 250 pounds and eating 3,5000 calorie meals on the regular, Broberg realized her habits had to change. So she changed them.
via Uproxx:

After recognizing that her diet was limiting her, Broberg fought back against her cravings and clawed her way to good health, ditching the burgers and chips, saying goodbye to the chocolate, and drastically changing her eating habits.
The weight loss and health changes didn’t come quickly. While some people drop their weight almost instantly, Broberg spent four years on her body, dropping 100 pounds.

Now she’s personal trainer and appears in catalogs and commercials. Talk about a comeback story. Not to mention she’s looking gorgeous these days.
For reference, then:


And now:










Keep kicking ass, Mathilde.

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