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The New Los Angeles Chargers Logo Is Here & It’s The Definition Of Blah


Mannnnn. The San Diego Chargers had one of the best looks in the league. The powder blue jerseys, the subtle logo, it was all so perfect. Now they have this, which essentially amounts to a slanted Los Angeles Dodgers logo. Brilliant!

I do take joy in knowing that both Los Angeles franchises currently blow. As a New Yorker, seeing the sunnier version of ourselves fail in any way possible will always bring enjoyment to my life.

Also, NFL, why haven’t you made an AFC/NFC California division? Screw all this directional mumbo┬ájumbo, I’d love to see the Raiders, Chargers, Ram’s, and 49ers in the same division. You wanna talk about rivalry week? That’d be the epitome.

Here’s the official letter from Chargers owner Dean Spanos about screwing San Diego moving to LA:


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