Apparently Alcohol 'Makes Bad Memories Stronger,' Thus Ruining The Only Reason I Drink

This guy? Yeah, that’s me. This was around my junior year of college when I was living in a frat house. It was Halloween and I went to our party dressed as a soccer player. Like any legit college kid, I was broke AF, so I made my costume out of previously owned items. As you can tell, my jersey and my dignity didn’t make it through the night.
The reason I used this picture for this story is because this photo screams “this dude is drinking to forget something.” And that’s because I was. My super hot bisexual girlfriend (true story) had just dumped me a couple weeks earlier and I wasn’t feeling so hot, so I used the Halloween party as an excuse to drink until I reached the next dimension. Clearly, it worked.
Welllllll, turns out it didn’t work, as a new study is claiming alcohol does nothing but “make bad memories stronger.”
Via Daily Mail:

Scientists have found evidence that alcohol not only prevents you from forgetting bad memories but makes them stronger – by strengthening nerve cells connected to the brain’s fear response center.

Replacing this form of self-medication with short-term drug therapy and behavioral therapy is the only way to weaken – or even rewrite – bad memories.

But Dr Norman Haughey, a professor of neurology at Johns Hopkins University, warns the longer you spend drowning your memories with liquor, the harder it will be to overwrite traumatic experiences.

So, as it turns out, apparently everything we thought we knew about alcohol was wrong. That whole ‘some people drink to remember, others drink to forget’ thing? Yupp… WRONG. INCORRECT. DOESN’T WORK.

Why even bother drinking if it’s not wiping out all of the skeletons in your brain’s closet?

Oh, and to my super hot bisexual ex-girlfriend: If you’re reading this, hit me up.

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