It’s Officially Time To Execute The Weeknd

This isn’t a new hatred for me, cause I’ve long been anti-The Weeknd, but this is certainly his final straw. I can deal with his stupid hair, his whiny songs, his fat, doughy self, but when he starts dating my #2 favorite girl on Earth, that’s where I draw my line.

Via People:

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd (né Abel Tesfaye) had a romantic dinner at celebrity hotspot Giorgio Baldi. The pair were spotted smooching throughout the evening — though a source tells PEOPLE, “it’s new and nothing serious.”

“It was a romantic dinner date in the rain,” an onlooker tells PEOPLE. “They acted like a couple. They ordered pasta and shared the food. She seemed very into him — she was smiling a lot. They left holding hands.”

Of all the super rich and famous and handsome dudes Selena Gomez could put in her back pocket, she chooses a fat Canadian who had the worst haircut this side of Donald Trump. You could probably attribute it to Selena being sick of getting alpha-maled by Justin Bieber and subsequently settling for a blubbery, emotional guy, but I contest that when you’re on the level of Selena Gomez, you never settle. You can find a blubbery, emotional dude, but he needs to be modeling for Guess in his spare time or something. Having the most beautiful women in the world shacking up with a bunch of lessers could throw off the Earth’s natural tilt.

The Weeknd is the definition of a flash in the pan and yet somehow he’s gone back-to-back with Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez. The world really is falling apart.

selena gomez and the weeknd 😳😳😳😳😳 WHAAAAAAAAAT i was not expecting that

— dillon (@dillonjuarez) January 11, 2017

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