Another Shockingly Young & Hot Teacher Is Involved In A Student Sex Scandal

Skylar Russell, a 23-year-old False River Academy teacher, turned herself into the New Roads Police Department Wednesday morning and is being charged with attempted carnal knowledge of a juvenile. New Roads Police Chief Kevin McDonald said investigators received a complaint Monday night of two suspicious vehicles in a parking lot on Olinde Street in New Roads, Louisiana. False River Academy, just off Main Street in New Roads, has students in grades Pre-K through 12.  The school said Russell was fired Tuesday.

According to McDonald, via WAFB, Russell and an unnamed student at the False River Academy had been together in one of the cars when the officers arrived, hence the charge of attempted carnal knowledge of a juvenile. Russell was issued a misdemeanor summons Wednesday morning for the charge, however, the police chief said charges could be upgraded as investigators are going through the phones of both Russell and the student.

However, Chief McDonald said there was no sexual conduct:

“We were able to determine that there was no sexual conduct between the two,” McDonald said.

I can’t wrap my brain around how nothing could have happened. Russell was already in the car, meaning she knew the risk and was still down for the cause. So, does that mean it’s the student who backed out? But how?

Let me tell you something, if you’re a 17-year-old kid and a 23-year-old smoking hot teacher comes on to you, and you AREN’T about it, then you’re clearly a f*cking alien. Not the aliens that Trump hates, like an actual, not-of-this-Earth alien.

If you’re an alien and you’re going to be residing on our planet, you need to play by our rules, and our rules are clear: if you’re a teenage boy, you best pounce when a hot teacher wants to sleep with you.

Not only is it the American way, it’s the human way.

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