Johnny Manziel Firmly In Crackhead Territory, Will Charge $50 Per Selfie At The Super Bowl

Has there ever been a more “I’m addicted to cocaine” move in the history of man? You know what $50 gets you, right? $50 will get you a gram of some bottom barrel cocaine, that’s what. Not that I’d know. I learned that in my Drugs & Behavior psychology course in college (nailed it).

Next thing you now, Johnny Eightball will be palling around with Tyrome Biggums, blowing dudes in back alleys for a dollar.

via NBC Sports:

Manziel will be at two different Stadium Signatures stores, one on Feb. 2 and one on Feb. 3, to greet fans. Per the Stadium Signatures Facebook page, selfies will cost $50. Manziel will sign any item for $99, and the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner and Browns 2014 first-round pick will personally inscribe those items for an extra $29.

I wonder, has it ever occurred to Johnny that he’d be making about $50 a second had he kept his nose clean and hung around the league? You’re telling me he couldn’t have been a coke head as a backup? All he had to do was lay low, not get too reckless, and he could’ve had his cake and eaten it too. Now? His face is probably covered in white stuff and it ain’t frosting.

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