RIP Conrad’s Grill: The G.O.A.T. Late Night Food Spot At Michigan State University

Conrad’s Grill is a Michigan State drunk food staple. The odds are that in your four (+) years as a student, you can remember slamming some mac and cheese bites at 2:00 A.M., or if you don’t remember, at least you’ll have the bill on your debit card to prove you were there. Located directly above or next to three of the most popular bars on campus, Conrad’s was the perfect late night food stop. It had everything from chicken tenders and fries to these magical things called “conwraps,” basically a mixture of chicken tenders, tater tots, bacon, and any kind of sauce you could ask for all grilled and wrapped up in a flour tortilla. Conrad’s had exactly what you thought you needed after a night out on the town and it was always packed after the bars closed.

For those of you who never had the wonderful opportunity of eating there, you may remember it as the lovely establishment Draymond Green was arrested at this past summer. But unfortunately, this wonderful eatery is getting the boot, because of a leasing disagreement nonetheless. So no more conwraps, no more mac and cheese bites, no more 2:00 A.M. fun.

At the tail end of winter break, a senior on campus found a sign on Conrad’s door saying they would be closing due to “events out of their control” and that they would be attempting to open another location soon. Conrad’s has two other locations close to campus but not anywhere near as close to the bars as the one that closed down, so it will be sadly missed. The closing of Conrad’s will be great for our wallets and waistlines, but there will be a hole in the heart of every Spartan who loves a good bar night this spring semester.

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