Anukriti Gusain: Hottest Photos Of The Indian Beauty Queen

Anukriti Gusain is an exceptionally gorgeous beauty queen. She’s been given names like “Miss Photogenic” and “Miss Beautiful Smile.” She’s also been named Miss India Asia Pacific World. She’s currently a presenter on Planet Bollywood News.
Gusain was born in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand. She’s a college graduate from the DIT University, where she majored in computer science engineering. In 2013, she¬†became a standout in beauty pageants. That year, she won two prestigious beauty pageants: Femina Miss India Delhi and Bride Of The World India. She was also named Pond’s Femina Miss Glowing Skin and PCJ Femina Miss Timeless Beauty.

In 2014, Anukriti won yet another beauty pageant. This time she won the title of Miss India Asia Pacific World. She then represented her entire country in Miss Asia Pacific World 2014. She traveled all the way out to Seoul, South Korea for the pageant. Although, she didn’t win, she placed fairly high in the competition. She was the fourth runner-up at the show. She modeled two stunning gold gowns, a sexy cocktail sari, and a bodysuit for the main event.
She’s won a couple of awards as well. She won the Mahatma Gandhi Samman 2014 for her¬†role in representing India in the Miss Asia Pacific World beauty pageant. She also won an award from the Uttarakhand Film Association. Anukriti is also a philanthropist, promoting the “Bring Back Our Girls” campaign while participating in Miss Asia Pacific World 2014. This shows us that she’s a beautiful person on the inside as well.
Ms. Gusain truly has a timeless beauty. She is only 22 years old and has already accomplished a lot in her young life. And just when you thought India couldn’t get any hotter. Anukriti will bring the heat that can knock you off your feet. Look below to see 37 photos of pure heaven.

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