Knicks Tweet Out Then Delete Ill-Timed Amtrak Ad Featuring Derrick Rose One Day After He Went AWOL

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After missing season after season in Chicago and then wearing out his welcome by not realizing that the Bulls had become Jimmy Butler’s team, Derrick Rose was unceremoniously traded to New York in June. Then Rose had his formerly clean-cut public image tarnished when, though he was ultimately found innocent, lewd details emerged of his sex life over the course of his rape trial this offseason.

Things have been steadily gone downhill for Rose ever  since his MVP season, so when her went AWOL yesterday, when the Knicks had a game against the Pelicans, people’s imaginations ran wild.

Rose at least somewhat squashed the rampant speculation today by saying he had to return to his mother in Chicago to tend to a family emergency. According to ESPN’s report, “The guard said that he apologized to his teammates and spoke to general manager Steve Mills and team president Phil Jackson. They accepted his explanation for his absence.” Though he has been fined, there aren’t expected to be any further repercussions.

But in what has to be one of the worst-timed ads run in history, the Knicks official Twitter account today tweeted an Amtrak advertisement that featured Rose on his way to an Amtrak train. Unsurprisingly, they soon deleted it. But not before someone took a screenshot and sent it to ESPN’s Darren Rovell.

Today's Bad Timing Award: Knicks advertise deal with Amtrak using Derrick Rose, delete tweet (H/T @kennyducey)

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) January 10, 2017

Over Thanksgiving weekend I had my five-year high school reunion, and it was apparent that certain kids who had been at top of the social hierarchy back in high school had clearly peaked too early. Now five years later, these kids seemed to know that even if they overcame their current malaise and eventually carved out a decent life for themselves, things would never be quite as good for them as they were back in their teenage glory days.

In my senior year of high school Derrick Rose was the NBA MVP and the most exciting young player in basketball. Fast-forward to the present, and D-Rose on the Knicks is the NBA equivalent of one those has-been kids at my five-year high school reunion.

While Rose has actually been decent for the Knicks this season, it’s just depressing to watch him play at this point because while he’ll occasionally have some flashes of his former brilliance, it’s obvious that he’s a shell of his former self.

As a New Yorker , I hope Phil Jackson is wise enough to realize that Rose isn’t reliable enough to hand over the keys to long-term when he’s a free agent this summer. The Knicks are preparing themselves for a future built around Kristaps Porzingis, and signing Rose for the long haul would just bring bad juju that his average on-court contributions just aren’t enough to compensate for.


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