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Chrissie Chau: Hottest Photos Of The Chinese Model & Actress



Chrissie Chau is a real hottie from Hong Kong. But her amazing beauty has reached a global stage. Chau has won the “Most Searched Photos on Yahoo!” four years in a row (2009-2012). In 2009, she also won the Entertainment Spotlight Person” and the “Most Popular Actress Award” in Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards. Chrissie is award-winningly beautiful.

Chau moved to Hong Kong with her family when she was only ten years old. She found her first job in a fast food restaurant at 15-years-old. She later worked as a shop assistant in Causeway Bay, making the equivalent of $380 a month (in U.S. dollars). She began her modeling career in 2005. In 2009, she released an ultra-sexy life-size poster of herself decked out in lingerie (and this poster didn’t come cheap, it cost roughly $72 in U.S. currency or $560 in Hong Kong dollars). But it was 2010, she achieved even more attention when she was ranked #16 in 2010 LIVAC Celebrity Roasters of Cross-Straits Media.

Chrissie has also appeared in numerous films, starring in 20 different movies from Hong Kong to Malaysia to Taiwan. Although, she has appeared on film since 2006, the film movie she starred was in the 2010 Hong Kong horror flick Womb Ghosts.

Scary, huh? I love a good horror film too. Time to move on from the scary stuff and transition to the hot stuff. Stuff that is crazy hot (not scary hot). Here is a video from the Eyescream Fiesta in 2009, where the young and beautiful Chrissie gives us all a visual tour of her beauty. And after checking out this video, you should look down below for some of the hottest photos of Chrissie Chau on this beautiful blue and green earth.

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