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Only Bill Walton Can Get Away With Hitting On Michelle Beadle On National Television


This is one of those posts where I have so much that I love about it that it’s easier for all of us if I just rip bullet points:

  1. What an eclectic gang assembled by ESPN. Walton, Jay Bilas, Marcellus Wiley, Rachel Nichols, Beadle and… Is that Keyshawn? Keyshawn! How you been, man? Good to see he’s still kicking after getting fired from the NFL show.
  2. Gotta love when Jay Bilas loves life. Gravity, taxes, and when Jay Bilas is happy, you’re happy.
  3. Bill Walton, big marijuana guy. Needless to say, we’re Bill Walton lifers over at COED.
  4. Beadle’s a hard 7.5  looks wise, but probably a 10 overall. Yes, she’s not quite as hot as Charissa Thompson or Erin Andrews, but she also seems wayyyyy more down to Earth, which is worth an easy two points on the Italiano scale.
  5. For the virgins in the room, that’s not tea. Beadle’s getting drunk and said it’s going to make her live forever.
  6. Bill Walton, 64, proving that shooters will forever shoot.

In conclusion, since ESPN is airing about 38 different versions of the tonight’s championship, I need to figure out which channel this one’s airing on. I’d much rather watch these six savages get drunk for three hours then see Sab Against The Machine squeak out another national championship.

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