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WATCH: ACC Deems It Inconclusive If Duke’s Grayson Tried To Trip Yet Another Player… You Be The Judge

(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)


I’ve always hated Duke and everything they stand for, so it was a surreal experience when two years ago I got to see a Duke game from the student section of Cameron Indoor Stadium amongst the scum known as the Cameron Crazies. One of my closest friends went to Duke and I was ready to go rogue and rub it in all the Dukies around me’s faces if Syracuse pulled off the upset. But unfortunately the whole afternoon was a disappointment for me as Duke cruised to a blowout win and, frustratingly, none of the players on that team that a few months later went on to win the 2015 NCAA Championship were particularly unlikable.

Thankfully for us Duke detractors AKA anyone with a conscience, the world started to make sense again last season thanks to Duke once again having a pretentious white guy to validate the world’s hatred of Duke. And after being handed a suspension  from Coach K this season for repeatedly tripping dudes, Grayson Allen may already be the most detestable super-villain Dukie since Christian Laetner himself.

And yesterday, after sitting out just one game after being suspended “indefinitely”,  it appeared that Grayson Allen tried to pull yet another signature Grayson Allen trip.

While sure, there’s a chance it was just a natural reaction to fighting through the screen, if anyone’s lost the benefit of the doubt it’s Grayson Allen. Yet the ACC today deemed it inconclusive whether or not Allen’s intention was to trip the Boston College player.

But anybody with two eyes and a brain knows that Grayson Allen knows what he was trying to do. Including former Boston College player and current Detroit Pistons point guard Reggie Jackson.

College basketball is finally back, and mostly because Grayson Allen gives us a legit reason to hate Duke again.

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