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LISTEN: Mark Hamill Reads A Trump Tweet As The Joker And It’s Actually Fitting

(Photo via Twitter/ @HamillHimself)

(Photo via Twitter/ @HamillHimself)

A quick glance at Donald Trump‘s Twitter account is all it takes to realize the guy’s got a screw loose. But because we live in an age when the ability to attract attention is the only character trait that matters, America decided it was time for this Twitter troll to be president.


But the reality is the guy is going to be president, and all we can do at this point is hope he’s not quite as much a loose cannon when he gets into the oval office as his internet persona suggests he might be.

Recently Trump showed that he could even Trumpify a “Happy New Year” message, which had until then been more or less homogenous for every politician in human history.

Mark Hamill, who in addition to his best-known role as Luke Skywalker has voiced Joker in various BatmanĀ cartoons beginning in the 90’s, noticed the absurdity of this particular tweet by the soon-to-be 45th president of the United States. And the actor recorded a rendition in his Joker voice, which remarkably seems extremely fitting for the content of the tweet.


This is pretty perfect.

But Mark, I haveĀ some bad news to break to you…




Trump is your father.



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