Who Doesn’t Love A Good Old-Fashioned Coaches Fight? Watch The Missouri and Georgia Coaches Go At It


With the exception of Kentucky and sometimes Florida, SEC basketball is usually pretty meh. But today’s otherwise unimportant game between Georgia and Missouri got some added spice when the team’s coaches nearly came to blows in a heated altercation at the end of the game’s first half.

Look I’m by no means advocating for violence, but those people who tell you violence is never the answer just haven’t been asked all of life’s questions.

As a New York Rangers fan, one of my formative memories was in 1998 when Rangers goalie Dan Cloutier beating the living shit out of Tommy Salo, the goalie for the hated Islanders. Since then I’ve thought that there’s nothing I want to see more in my life as a sports fan than another goalie fight. But after seeing this kerfuffle between the coaching staffs of Georgia and Missouri, I’ve realized that the only thing better than seeing another hockey goalie fight would be watching two college basketball coaches deal with their respective midlife crises by bashing each other’s skulls in.


(h/t Deadspin)




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