Sui He: Hottest Photos Of The Chinese Model

Sui He is a true goddess hailing from the Zhejiang province of China. She’s a 27-year-old beauty, who has already achieved quite a few accolades in the modeling field. She’s as hot as noon in July. And if you take a glimpse of her Instagram you’ll understand why she was ranked number one on New York Magazine’s Fall 2011 Top 10 Faces.
Ms. He has been a trend-setter for Chinese models. She made history as the first East Asian model to kickoff a Ralph Lauren runway show. She is also only the second model from China to take part in the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. In 2012, Sui became a global spokesmodel for Shiseido (a first for someone born in China or even the whole continent of Asia). She has gracefully walked down the runaway, advertising brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Dior, and many more. Ms. He first appeared on the cover of W magazine’s art issue in October 2011, when she was still only barely known in the modeling industry. Not too many unknown models have appeared on the cover of W. She contains a truly special element of beauty that can brighten up even the darkest room. She’s a true breakthrough model.

Sui has also lent talent to film, as she was cast in the 2015 film You Are My Sunshine, which debuted as the number two spot in the Chinese box office. She has also appeared in a H&M Holiday commercial in 2011 (along with two H&M campaigns), and in 2012 she appeared in the Dior Holiday 2012 campaign. She’s a beauty that’s hard to match. Her modeling work is white hot. She can bring warmth to a cold world. Look below to see Sui He in all her glory. Time to see 29 photos of pure sunshine.

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