Got To Respect This Curvy Blonde Chick Who Owns Up To Being A Sugar Baby

I’m a huge believer in calling a spade a spade. Nothing bothers me more than people blatantly doing something yet treating the rest of the world like a bunch of idiots by trying to hide it. For example, Martin Shkreli: His lone redeeming quality is that he is totally unapologetic about how much of an asshole he is. Kanye West, same thing. Go ahead and be a disgraceful person, but at least have the cajones to own it.
That’s why I’m in full support of  Jeanemarie Almulla, a former beauty queen who’s totally open and honest about the fact that she lives a lavish lifestyle due to the fact that she’s a total sugar baby. The 25-year-old Floridian (of course!) enjoys her baller AF lifestyle due to a gang of sugar daddies who take her out to dinner, buy her fancy clothes, take her on vacation, and even give her straight up cash. All because she’s moderately attractive. Nice life.
However, it gets even better once we introduce you to the irony of Jeanemarie’s situation: she describes herself as a feminist and champion of women’s rights.
Via Daily Mail:

She insists she is simply making the most of her looks and intelligence – something she urges other women to also do.

She said: ‘I have no problem with working hard but I’d rather work smart. Men are supposed to be caregivers and take care of women.

The sugar baby, who speaks three languages and has a degree in International Relations, doesn’t see any conflict of interests between her life as a sugar baby and her work with women.

She’s even written a self-help book on empowering women as well as working with Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and talking at Girl Scout meetings.

Okay, so the whole language and International Relations has me beyond impressed. Chick is hot, smart, and fearless. That’s a hell of a combo. Sure, she may be a little thick for my taste, but I’ll forget all about that while she’s on top of me explaining geopolitics in another language.
Word to the wise for all the rest of the Instagram “models”: we all know you’re actually high-end escorts, so just own up to it already.

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