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Kid Dabs During Father’s Swearing-In Ceremony, Paul Ryan & Rest Of Adults Have No Idea What’s Going On


Is this an all-time power move or what? Kid, whose name is Cal, is literally dabbing on the institution that is the American government and shows absolutely no remorse in doing so. He’s got a real future in politics.

The best part of all of this is Paul Ryan, tight-assed as ever, getting the kid to put his arm down, and even asking if he had to sneeze. Paul Ryan is still a relatively young dude, you would think he would know a dab when he sees one.

As legendary as Cal’s dab was, you have to imagine he got SHREDDED on the car ride home. It’s one of the biggest days of his father’s life, and there he is, making a mockery of it all and embarrassing the hell out of his pop in front of the Speaker of the House.

That sort of ‘I don’t give a f*ck’ attitude will get you real far in life, Cal. Sure, you’re probably going to be grounded for a WHILE, but keep on keepin’ on, kid.

Also, shout out to Paul Ryan for laughing off the situation. Dude just needs to run for president and get it over with already.

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