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Wendy’s Twitter Account Sh*t On Someone So Bad That They Had To Delete Their Account

via Twitter

via Twitter

Wendy’s has long been my favorite fast food restaurant. I feel as though the Ginger Lady serves the only burger in the biz where I don’t have to ask myself what the hell I’m eating when I’m halfway through. Throw in the fact that they dole out those fire spicy nuggets, chicken sandwiches, and Frostys, and you have yourself the best fast food burger joint in the game. Point being, you don’t f*ck with ole’ Davey Thomas. Apparently, Twitter user @NHride didn’t get the memo that you don’t mess with the Frozen One.

@NHride, or Thuggy-D in the mean streets of Twitter, decided to start off the new year by taking a swing at the champ, only to get promptly Ronda Rousey-d (which is now a verb for getting absolutely bodied). After calling out Wendy’s on the freshness of their beef, Thuggy-D forgot that refrigerators exist.

Wendy’s took no time dismantling him:

img_7036 img_7037 img_7038 img_7039

And just like that, Thuggy-D’s Twitter existence was no more. That’ll teach him to go at the Beef God like that.

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