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WATCH: Louisville Tricks Duke Into Defending Wrong Basket In Women’s Basketball

Basketball Everyday

Basketball Everyday

The #13 ranked Duke Blue Devils (13-1) knocked off the #8 ranked Louisville Cardinals (13-3) last night in a tightly contested battle at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Although Duke picked up the big win, all the internet has been talking about is the masterful way Louisville tricked Duke into defending the wrong basket after halftime. Watch how Louisville got an easy layup when inbounding the ball to start the third quarter.

Those crafty sons of bitches! You know you have an awesome trick play when not even the announcers know what the hell is going on. It took them roughly 15 seconds into the video for them to even acknowledge that Louisville just stole the Blue Devils’ lunch money. She was so wide open for that layup the only way Duke could’ve stopped her was if Grayson Allen rappelled from the rafters like Sting and tripped her.

I feel like this play would work every goddamn time if you ran it in youth leagues too. As someone who once scored on the wrong basket as an 11-year-old, I can vouch that kids can be very easily confused at that age. It’s time for me to head to my local rec center and start racking up championship banners.

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