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WATCH: Hannah Ferguson Bares All For ‘LOVE’ Magazine’s Advent Calendar

LOVE Magazine's YouTube

LOVE Magazine’s YouTube

Advent may be long gone, but that hasn’t stopped the good folks at LOVE Magazine from blessing us with insanely hot videos. While LOVE’s website originally said that their Advent Calendar would end on New Year’s Day, they’ve been shelling out bonus videos. It’s been an unexpected treat, and it’s confirmed my suspicions that 2017 is going to be roughly a million times better than 2016.

In LOVE’s second bonus video, Hannah Ferguson wore nothing but high heels for director Hype Williams.

Mercy. The only thing better than a hand bra is no bra, and Hannah has that erotic move down to an exact science. I just can’t believe that LOVE Magazine waited so long to release this video. If I were calling the shots over there, this video would’ve been featured within the first five days of December. I also would’ve replaced that inflatable pink flamingo with myself, ice cubes, and a nine iron, but that’s a story for another time.

Because LOVE has been so gracious with these bonus videos, here are some of my favorites from their series.

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