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Woman Who Reviews Toys Was Sent A Package Of Weed Instead, Obviously Doesn’t Understand Basic Economics

via CBS

via CBS

Pamela Marks of Valatie, New York has the dope job of writing a blog where she posts reviews of children’s toys and clothes. For the last two years, various companies have shipped items to Marks for her reviewal. She has never had any problems (although this is FAR from a problem) until now. Marks was expecting a delivery from a California-based toy company, but when the package arrived, instead of a toy, Marks found about seven pounds of marijuana instead. And like a total clueless narc, she reported it to the police.

According to CBS 6, Marks says she has been writing her review blog for two years and gets 22,000 hits per month.

“It’s very bizarre, anybody who knows me, knows I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs, so for me to get this package was totally one in a million,” Mrs. Marks said.

A spokesman in the Columbia County Sheriff’s Department says the agency confiscated the drugs and is investigating. The package containing the marijuana was shipped from JAKKS Pacific, a publicly traded company with annual sales in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The company did respond to an email request for comment, nor did they return our phone calls.

If Marks had any semblance of a brain, she woulda used the Google machine and done a quick little math on the ole’ calculator to figure out how much she could have made from that righteous herb. By my calculations, she could have gotten close to $15K for her surprise weed.

What a waste. If anyone wants to accidentally send me some weed, feel free to hit me up. I’d be happy to oblige.

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