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When Is The NBA All-Star Game 2017?

When Is The NBA All-Star Game

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February 17-19, 2017 will be the NBA All-Star Weekend, a weekend in which the fans get to see their favorite stars compete in a variety of events, with the tournament ultimately ending in the most important event overall, the NBA All-Star game. Every year fans get to vote which NBA players they think are worthy of holding a roster spot in their respective conferences’ All-Star Roster. Next,┬áthe coaches of each conference cast their own votes for players they deem deserving of a roster spot. While many people view the All-Star voting process as a popularity contest, it is still able to produce rosters worth watching in a star-studded matchup.

This year the NBA All-Star game will be played in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Smoothie King Center, home of the New Orleans Pelicans. NBA All-Star Weekend was first scheduled to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, but was moved to New Orleans due to the recent passing of Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, a controversial bill which would discriminate against transgender people and force people to use the restroom facilities that correspond with the sex assigned on their birth certificate.

This year the NBA All-Star halftime show will be performed by Grammy and Academy-award winning singer and songwriter John Legend. This will be the second time he has performed for the weekend’s halftime events. In 2013, Legend sang the National Anthem in Houston.

What Are The Events?

NBA Celebrity All-Star Game: This event features retired NBA players, WNBA players, actors, musicians, and other famous athletes competing in a friendly game of basketball.

Rising Stars Challenge: This event features first-year and second-year players competing head to head in a game. It used to be the rookies versus the sophomores but the format was recently changed to teams being drafted by two celebrity head coaches.

Skills Challenge: Players go head to head in a contest which places players in a timed obstacle course and they must use their dribbling, passing, and shooting skills to navigate through the course.

Three-Point Contest: The NBA’s most lethal sharpshooters compete in this contest, shooting five basketballs from five different spots on the three-point line. Each shot made is worth one point except for the money ball, the last ball in each rack, which is worth two points. Players also get to have a rack filled only with money balls on any spot on the three-point line. Players try to make as many shots they can in one minute during the qualifying round so they can move onto the next round. The three highest scorers move on to the second round with the winner taking all in that round.

Slam Dunk Contest: This event showcases player’s creativity and variety with their dunks. Players get a freestyle round to try to impress the judges. The two highest scores in the freestyle round move on and then compete head to head for the title of Slam Dunk Champion.

When Are The NBA All-Star Games

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When Are The NBA All-Star Games?

NBA Celebrity All-Star Game: Friday, February 17, 6:00 P.M.
Rising Stars Challenge: Friday, February 17, TBD
Skills Challenge: Saturday, February 18, TBD
Three-Point Contest: Saturday, February 18, TBD
Slam Dunk Contest: Saturday, February 18, TBD
NBA All-Star Game: Sunday, February 19, TBD

Where To Watch The NBA All-Star Games?

You can watch all of NBA All-Star Weekend on TNT.

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