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WATCH: Pool Jumping Daredevil Comes Up A Bit Short

xo 8Booth's YouTube

xo 8Booth’s YouTube

YouTube user xo 8Booth is known for his badass pool jumps. His channel is full of crazy videos that make my palms sweaty just by watching them.

He’s had some close calls before, but it appears that he finally met his match. In his most recent upload, 8Booth came up a bit short while jumping into a pool from a rooftop. Watch how his slight miscalculation put him in a world of hurt. Also, if you’re the type that doesn’t do well with gross injuries, just cut the video off as soon as he’s out of the water.

Being hungover as all hell and looking at that grotesque foot is not a good way to bring in the first work day of 2017. Goddamn, I can’t even imagine how badly that must’ve hurt. According to 8Booth, the medical diagnosis is “both feet shattered as well as heals.” I’m guessing that he means heels, but I can forgive a typo after suffering such a brutal injury. I don’t think I could even spell my own name after that.

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