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WATCH: Finland Celebrates NYE With Epic Darude ‘Sandstorm’ Countdown


Darude Sandstorm New Years Eve

Most of you are probably pretty happy with the way you celebrated New Year’s Eve, but only because you weren’t yet aware of what happened in Finland. The Finns managed to snag none other than EDM legend Darude to play “Sandstorm.” Not only that, the beat for the hottest song ever dropped exactly at midnight, meaning that these guys entered 2017 raging as hard as humanly possible.

All jokes aside, private house parties are the best way to spend New Years Eve, but this is 100% better than how the crazies in Times Square spent their midnight. This looks like an actual Darude concert (dooooope), whereas the people in NYC were just wearing diapers and freezing their asses off.

What blows my mind is that the song “Sandstorm” was released in 1999, which seems way too late, no? Happy New Year everyone.

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