WATCH: Don Lemon Got “Lit” Ripping Shots And Even Got An Ear Pierced During CNN’s New Year’s Eve

Photo via Twitter/ @BrookeBCNN)

(Photo via Twitter/ @BrookeBCNN)

CNN’s New Year’s Eve special is off-the-wall, and in a shocking upset Kathy Griffin wasn’t the most out-of-hand host this year.

You wouldn’t expect CNN- who typically goes out of their way to at least appear like a serious news network- would be the channel to have this kind of debauchery, but on New Year’s CNN gives absolutely zero f**ks.

And last night, Don Lemon was getting ready for the new year by starting taking shots before 8 p.m. central time.


And from the looks of it, Lemon kept downing drinks throughout the night.

A visibly boozed up Lemon then got his ear pierced at just before 10:30 New Orleans time.

Then at 11:30 New Orleans time Lemon and co-host Brooke Baldwin took over for Griffin and Anderson Cooper.  Lemon was straight up sloppy at this point.

“People are saying that I’m lit,” he noted at the end of a bizarre segment. “Yeah, I’m lit. Who cares?”

Before you’re quick to judge Lemon for getting hammered on national television, remember that you were probably drinking just as heavily last night but he was actually getting paid while doing it. That’s the American dream.




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