Cardinals vs. Rams Live Stream: How To Watch NFL Online

The Cardinals are invading the Rams’ territory in their last regular game of the season before wildcard week. The Rams are currently trailing behind the Cardinals in the NFC West; the Los Angeles team is currently in third place in the division, with four victories and 11 defeats. Meanwhile, the Cardinals are in second place in the NFC West division, with six victories and eight defeats. Who will come out on top in this one?

The Arizona team defeated the head of the NFC West last Saturday, with a score of 34-31 against the Seattle Seahawks. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles team aren’t looking so good. The Rams lost last Saturday afternoon against the worst ranking team in the entire league. The Rams fell to the San Francisco 49ers in their own backyard of L.A. Memorial Coliseum. It looks like Colin Kaepernick may have used my advice. It was a very close contest with a contest of 22-21. Either way, the Rams really need to rebound or they’ll get crushed by the Cardinals this Sunday.

The Rams have lost their last six consecutive games, so they’ll really need to win this one against the Cardinals. But they’ll be up against a real test. The running back of the Cardinals (David Johnson) is one of the strongest forces in the whole NFL, running 2,074 total yards and scoring 20 total touchdowns this season. When he faced off against the Seahawks last Saturday afternoon, he etched his name in the record book, becoming only the second player ever to amass 15 straight games of 100 plus yards. Will the Rams be again to stop this devastating running back?

Look below to watch the game between the Los Angeles Ram and the Arizona Cardinals on your tablet, television, computer or mobile device.

Cardinals vs. Rams Viewing Details

Date: Sunday, January 1, 2017
Time: 4:25 P.M. EST
Location: L. A. Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, California
TV Channel: FOX, NFL Red Zone
Online: Game Pass, NFL Sunday Ticket, Fox Sports Go
Mobile: NFL App

How To Watch Arizona Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Rams Live Stream Online

Hey, football fan. Are you a DirecTV subscriber? If you are, I have some good news! You can access NFL’s Sunday Ticket right from your computer screen. You can purchase a 24-month package for only $60. Only DirecTV users can watch the game here, so if you’re not a DirecTV customer, you may want to sign up with them asap.

But what if you can’t pull out that kind of scratch or make that kind of commitment? You’re still in luck! NFL’s Game Pass is here to the rescue! Register right here for a free seven days of compelling NFL showdowns on Game Pass. But if you don’t want them to charge, you’ll have to cancel your account before your seven-day trial expires. If not, you will be charged $49.99 for the new mid-season package, which lasts until July 31, 2017. Damn, so much money, yet so much football.

You can also live stream the game on  Fox Sports Go.

Watch Arizona Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Rams Live Stream Online Without Cable Subscription

You can get Game Pass without having a cable subscription. Live streaming the game is just one click away!

And there’s one more option to see this Los Angeles showdown if you don’t have access to cable, but do have access to an internet connection. This option comes in the form of Sling TV, which provides a $25 monthly fee, but if you listen closely, you can see Falcons take on the Cardinals for free!

Just click on the Sling website, you’ll find a light blue bar with those wonderful words (and that lucky number) “Watch Now 7 Days Free” – if you wanna see the game live and online then you’re not going to want to pass up on this great offer!

You’ll also need to sign up for the Sling Blue package, it costs just $25 a month, but if you decide to cancel within seven days, you will not be charged a cent. Though if you chose to stay with Sling, you’ll be able to see your favorite shows from a trilogy of ESPN channels to Adventure Time on Cartoon Network, and you’ll be able to see many more NFL and college football games in the future. Sling TV has something for you (sports), and something for the kids (cartoons) too (or it could just be you who watch cartoons).

How To Watch Arizona Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Rams Live Stream On Mobile/Tablet

Hey, you! Yeah, you! Do you have a Sling TV subscription? Awesome! Because you’ll definitely need that to access the Sling TV app, which you can download for free on Roku, Xbox One, Google Play Store, Apple TV, and last but most definitely not least the Amazon App Store.

Hey, again. Are you a Verizon subscriber? Want to watch this war between the Cardinals and Rams without having to reach in your wallet? Well, you’re in luck, pal! For Verizon subscribers only, you’ll be able to live stream local and prime-time games by way of the NFL app. And you’ll be able to download this app for free from Apple TV, Windows Store, and the Google Play Store.

Time to look away from this live stream page and watch some damn football!

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