New Year’s Eve Memes 2017: Best Memes & Funniest Images

The blazing dumpster fire that was 2016 is mercifully coming to a close. We are finally approaching the finish line of this godawful year, and what better way to look ahead to 2017 than by laughing at the funniest New Year’s Eve memes the internet has to offer.

Of course, getting absolutely bombed on New Year’s Eve is also a great way to put 2016 behind you, but that’s pretty much a given. Being blackout drunk is the only way I can tolerate Ryan Seacrest’s annoying ass. That bum couldn’t hold Dick Clark’s jock.

But back to the hilarious memes that are awaiting you in the gallery below. We’ve got New Year’s Eve jokes for everybody. From Office Space fans, to dog lovers, to party poopers like Lieutenant Dan, to people who enjoy making fun of dumb hipsters, you’re guaranteed to come across something that will make you chuckle.

So without further ado, here are some hilarious New Year’s Eve memes to help you ring in the new year. I will most definitely drink to that.

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