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WATCH: New Year Fireworks 2017: World Live Stream Guide



Excited about 2017? Do you just love watching fireworks burst in the night sky? Just about every major city in the world will be celebrating when the clock strikes midnight and 2017 officially begins. And many people will stand out in the cold for long hours just to see the fireworks spectacle.

But would you rather just stay home? Would you much rather see the fireworks from your computer screen? You can beat the cold and still watch the fireworks from the warmth of your room. There will be live streams all around the world of this year’s fireworks celebration. Be aware of time zone differences because if it’s New Year’s Day in Dubai then that means it’s New Year’s Eve in New York. Look below to find out how you can see all the fun from the comfort of your computer.

How To Live Stream New Year’s Eve Fireworks From Around The World

Do you want live access to fireworks displays from cities and countries all across the globe? Well, you’re in luck. Just click on EarthCam for their 21st annual webcast. Here is where you can access the world cam and the EarthCam to see live streams from around the world of the celebration.

How To Live Stream New Year’s Eve Fireworks From London, England

Looking to watch the fireworks display in jolly old England? Well, you’re in luck! You can watch the fireworks from London using the BBC live stream. You can also see live footage from Robbie Williams’ Robbie Rocks Big Ben Live NYE concert, which is being shown live on BBC1.

If you can’t get access to BBC, here’s another way you can see all the fireworks in London. Click on the London Eye webcam for a very close-up view. You can also click on the London skyline camera to see the magnificent new year’s fireworks. Big Ben will most definitely look beautiful surrounded by a sea of fireworks.

How To Live Stream New Year’s Eve Fireworks From Paris, France

Looking to see fireworks go off right by the Eiffel Tower? I’ve got you covered! Just look at the Paris fireworks live stream here. You can see fireworks explode over the beautiful Parisian skyline.

How To Live Stream New Year’s Eve Fireworks From Dubai, UAE

Come see the magnificent fireworks exploding over the beautiful landscape of Dubai.  Click here to watch the fireworks, but remember that 2017 will come earlier here than in a place like New York. If it’s December 31 in New York then it’s already 2017 in Dubai, so you catch watch multiple fireworks shows. See the sky come alive in the night!

How To Live Stream New Year’s Eve Fireworks From Hong Kong, China

Want to see the gorgeous fireworks display in this Chinese city? Come see all the magic happen in Hong Kong. Remember if you’re living in New York, there’s a 13-hour time difference. So, it’ll be 2017 in China before the ball drops in Time Square. Click here for the countdown to the magnificent fireworks. That YouTube channel will live stream the fireworks and it will definitely bring the beauty of Hong Kong to your living room.

How To Live Stream New Year’s Eve Fireworks From Sydney, Australia

Good day, mate! Looking to see excellent fireworks over a beautiful Australian city? Well, I’ve got you covered. Be aware of the time differences. Sydney, Australia is 16 hours ahead of New York. So, it’ll be 2017 in Australia (for hours) while it’s still 2016 in the United States. There are multiple places from which you can live stream the fireworks display in Sydney. ABC1 will broadcast the fireworks display live from Sydney, Australia. The New Year’s Sydney fireworks display will be live streamed on ABC iview and the ABC TV Facebook page from 8:35 P.M. AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time). You can also look to these sources to view the magic of midnight fireworks and Facebook pages. You can also listen to the fireworks here: 104.1 2DayFM.

How To Live Stream New Year’s Eve Fireworks From Time Square, New York City

Time Square is world famous for the “ball drop” on New Year’s Eve. The crowd will count down in anticipation of 2017. Fireworks will light up the Manhattan skyline above a sea of spectators looking on with awe. Here’s the link to watch the celebrated fireworks display at Time Square accompanied with the annual ball drop. Come celebrate the magic in the city that never sleeps!

How To Live Stream New Year’s Eve Fireworks From Disney World (Florida)

Watch the fireworks live from the Epcot theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort. You’ll see all this colorful wonder in the sky straight from the Magic Kingdom. Just click on the video above and you’ll get a live stream of the firework fun. You won’t have to click on any links for this one. See this extravagant showcase of light and sound in living color from Bay Lake, Florida. It will be such a beautiful sight. Come and watch the fireworks with Mickey!

2017 is finally upon us. Click on the updated video above to see fireworks create magic across the night sky in the house of mouse!

How To Live Stream New Year’s Eve Fireworks From Hawaii

Come see a magnificent show explode over beautiful Hawaii. Beaches will light up with bright fireworks. Remember your timezone difference, though. By the time it’s 5 a.m. in New York, it will be midnight in Hawaii and they will be just celebrating the new year. You still have time to see the fireworks display live from Hawaii. You don’t have to click on any links either. Just click on the video above and you’ll get a live feed of the New Year’s Eve fireworks extravaganza from gorgeous Hawaii.

It’s too late for the live feed, but we still have this awesome YouTube video. It’s a view of the Hawaii nighttime fireworks via drone.

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