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Are Banks Or Stores Open On New Year’s Day 2017?

Are Banks Open On New Years Day 2017

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The holiday season is finally over. Christmas came and hopefully we got all of the neat presents that we were hoping for. Now we’ve got New Year’s Day, a perfect opportunity to show off some of favorite Christmas gifts while also drinking shots of vodka with our friends and loved ones. This day could also be known as National Hangover Day.

It’s also the day that you may want to return the gifts you don’t want/need or cash some checks you got from relatives at a bank, but how are you planning do all of that when all you want to do is drink water and eat grilled cheese mixed with some Advil to combat that raging hangover? Have no fear, we’re here to help with your shopping needs. Now sit back, relax, and let me take care of everything.

Are Banks Open On New Year’s Day 2017?

No banks will be open on New Year’s Day 2017, which makes sense considering the fact that New Year’s Day is considered a federal holiday. If you’re smart like me you’ve made your deposits and withdrawals on New Year’s Eve (depending on what bank you use). Or you could just hit up an ATM too. Whatever it is, make it easy on yourself and prepare for your hangover ahead of time.

Are Stores Open On New Year’s Day 2017

New Year’s Day is actually a big shopping day. Obviously not as big as shopping on Black Friday or the days near Christmastime, but there are still some good deals out there that people will want to take advantage of if they didn’t get a chance during the holiday season. Plus as I mentioned earlier, you probably want to exchange or return some stuff you didn’t like. Here is a list of some big name stores that will be open on New Year’s Day.

There you have it. Those are some stores that will be open on New Year’s Day. You can also look this stuff up on the internet if I didn’t list the particular store you’d like to go to. Now go back to bed and keep drinking water. You want that headache to go away, don’t ya?

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