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At Long Last, Someone Has Finally Made Shower Beers Specifically For The Shower


PangPang Shower Beers

Science has proven that there’s no better way of preparing for a night out than with a shower beer or two. Studies show that the warm water pouring over your head, combined with the taste of cold beer, almost immediately maximizes the midi-chlorians within your stem cells, thereby making your pleasure receptors three times more receptive. You can’t argue facts, and why should you? Shower beers are the best.

Apparently Stockholm-based brewing company Pangpang also agrees with us, which is why they teamed up with the creative team, Snask, to create the ultimate shower beer, called Shower Beer. What sets Shower Beer apart from the rest (in addition to being the official shower beer of pregames), is that it’s small, only 18 CL, meaning that you’re able to down it in three or four big sips. The small size ensures the beer stays cold for the duration of the time you’d like to drink it.

Rather than setting down your shower beer, having it dilute with warm shower water, you can drink a Shower Beer, and get back to washing up. Additionally, the 10% ABC means that you’ll still get the desired effect of the beer.


From Snarsk:

We’ve always wanted to have our own beer (like all hipsters do). But not any beer and certainly not just a regular creative agency brew saying “Snask Lager.” We wanted an idea, a concept, something bigger than just the actual beer. Something that could kickstart the night and act as your power up while fixing your hair and listening to “Dressed For Success” on repeat. We already work with the local genius brewer Fredrik “PangPang” Tunedal so it felt obvious that he would be the backbone of the brewing part.

Truthfully, the only thing we’d improve on is dumping the bottle and replacing it with a can. Having stepped on broken glass in the shower before, I can promise you that a trip to the ER is not a good way to get a pregame going.


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